… and welcome to my world.

A little background on me and my journey. After the birth of my third child I found my body turned against me. Where I was once able to enjoy creamy cups of coffee and luscious desserts I now struggle to breathe after a mere sip of a caramel latte. I lost my hair and skin and, one day, I went into cardiac arrest and was dead, medically speaking, for 11 minutes. No one knew the cause, countless doctors, consultants and homeopaths were baffled by my case. All of the symptoms pointed to allergies but the logic was: ‘if she could have x, y, z she should still be able to have them’.

A trip to Harley Street was the turning point.  After extensive tests I was told that I am allergic to: dairy, nuts and seeds, seafood, rubber (which is in strawberries, pineapples, avocado, banana etc) animals with fur (anything produced by these animals is alos dangerous, e.g. lanolin), and pollen. The biggest shock has been the rubber allergy, something as basic as a swimsuit is off-limits as the fabric is laced with rubber.

Fast forward 10 years and I am now managing my allergies as best I can. It is not easy and there are days when I feel totally isolated, but I am meeting like-minded people with similar health concerns online and I have found a platform where we can help and encourage each other.

I am finally managing my health and have been experimenting with all sorts of vegan and dairy free meals and I have found skin care products that work for me. If you have any tips or questions please get in touch!

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