Sweet-Potato Chocolate Brownies

Ingredients: 175g (4 oz/generous ¾ cup) rice flour 75g (3 oz/3/4 cup) raw cacao powder ¼ tsp gluten free baking powder 175g (6 oz) sweet potato, cooked And mashed to purée 250g (8 oz/scant ¾ cup) date syrup 175g (6oz/scant ¾ cup soy butter, melted 1 vegan egg ¼ tsp vanilla extract Method: Preheat theContinue reading “Sweet-Potato Chocolate Brownies”

Rich Chocolate Brownies

These brownies are packed with both vegan milk and plain chocolate instead of adding sugar to the mixture. Serve them in small squares as they are very rich. When buying plain chocolate, bear in mind that the higher the percentage of cocoa solids, the higher the quality of the chocolate, and the less sugar itContinue reading “Rich Chocolate Brownies”

Fudgy sweet potato brownies with espresso sauce

Grind the Linseed (flaxseed) yourself, or buy it from stores with a good turnover, as ground Linseed turns rancid quite quickly. Ingredients: 1 medium orange sweet potato (400g), peeled chopped 2 tablespoons ground Linseed (Flax meal) ¼ cup (125ml) hot water 180 g (5 ½ ounces) vegan dark chocolate (70 % cocoa), chopped 1 ¼Continue reading “Fudgy sweet potato brownies with espresso sauce”


Ingredients: 110 g / 4 oz dark vegan chocolate Minimum 70% cocoa solids), chopped 85 g / 3 oz/ ¾ cup unsweetened cocoa Peer sifted 225 g / 8 oz / 1 cup vegan butter 450 g/ 1 lb / 2 ½ cups light brown sugar 4 vegan eggs 110 g / 4 oz /.Continue reading “RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE Brownies”

Sticky Chocolate Brownies

Everyone loves chocolate brownies and these are so gooey and delicious they are impossible to resist! Ingredients: 100 g/3 ½ oz/generous 1/3 cup unsalted vegan butter 175 g/6oz/3/4 cup castor (superfine) sugar 75 g/2 ¾ oz/1/2 cup dark muscovado sugar 125 g/4 ½ oz dark vegan chocolate 1 tbsp golden (light corn) syrup 2 TbspContinue reading “Sticky Chocolate Brownies”

Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Chocolate brownies are very popular, here a traditional brownie mixture has cream soya cheese ribbon through the centre and topped with a delicious chocolate fudge icing. Ingredients: 200 g/7oz soft soya cheese ½ tsp vanilla flavouring (extract) 2 vegan eggs 250 g/9 oz 1 cup castor (superfine) sugar 100g/3 ½ oz/generous 1/3 cup butter 3Continue reading “Chocolate Fudge Brownies”