Ripe Banana

Most of us tend to throw away our ripe bananas, fearing they would no longer be fresh, and therefore, not fit to eat. Although over ripe bananas may really look very appetising the fruit turn soggy while the banana peel may then turn black or brown-they are very good for our health. Here are theContinue reading “Ripe Banana”

Orange Spiced Biscuits

These biscuits are very delicious and one of a kind, I decided to make my own unusual Nutty biscuits by using sunflower seeds and hempseed blending them together.. due to nut allergies and sesame seeds, I was told to avoid most seeds including sunflower and pumpkin taking Antihistamine daily pretty for the rest ofContinue reading “Orange Spiced Biscuits”


Flatbread are quick and easy to prepare; even more so if you are lucky enough to own a ‘kichenAid’. Experiment by replacing the cardamom with different spices such as chilli flakes, onion seeds or cumin seeds and makes 8. Ingredients: ¼ tablespoons active dried yeast ½ tablespoons sugar 250 ml lukewarm water (test With littleContinue reading “CARDAMOM FLATBREAD”