Coconut Bread

I can’t really speak for myself, as for my girls whom I made this bread for Greatly appreciates it. And they said it will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and makes a perfect afternoon tea. Sad for me I made it! And no idea what it tasted like because I’m allergic to the coconut flakes 😫Continue reading “Coconut Bread”

Caramel Coconut bread puddings

Ingredients; ½ cup (80g) coconut sugar 1 cup (250ml) coconut cream 2 tablespoons pure Mable syrup 3 teaspoon cornflour (Cornstarch) 2 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 cups (500ml) almond milk ½ cup (125g) apple sauce ½ teaspoon mixed spice 620g (1 ¼-pound) loaf whole meal sourdough bread, crusts removed, Chopped coarsely ½ cup (55g) sultanas ½Continue reading “Caramel Coconut bread puddings”