Orange Spiced Biscuits

These biscuits are very delicious and one of a kind, I decided to make my own unusual Nutty biscuits by using sunflower seeds and hempseed blending them together.. due to nut allergies and sesame seeds, I was told to avoid most seeds including sunflower and pumpkin taking Antihistamine daily pretty for the rest ofContinue reading “Orange Spiced Biscuits”

Hemp and Sunflower Kale Chips:

The first time I tried kale chips was from an health store and the only ingredients on the packet was salt and olive oil which was natural and tasty. Since then every chance I got whenever I’m in the area where I got the kale chip I would stop the health shop and grab aContinue reading “Hemp and Sunflower Kale Chips:”

Getting enough Calcium and Protein

People who are fairly new to veganism often worries are becoming concerned about not getting enough vitamins and nutrients that will keep you fit and healthy. Getting enough calcium and protein, there are so many calcium enriched foods on the market, such hemp, rice and soya milk, non-dairy chocolate, leafy green vegetables, such as kale,Continue reading “Getting enough Calcium and Protein”