Okra in a Delicate vegan yogurt Curry

Ingredients 300g natural vegan yogurt 3 tbsp gram flour 1 tsp black mustard seeds 1-2 fresh green chillies (depending on how hot you like it), finely chopped (seeds and all) 1 tsp finely grated peeled ginger 1 tsp ground turmeric 150g okra, top cut off and each one cut in half Method Combine the yogurtContinue reading “Okra in a Delicate vegan yogurt Curry”

What’s Okra?

Okra, also known as “lady’s fingers,” is a green flowering plant. Okra belongs to the same plants family as hibiscus and cotton. The term “Okra” most commonly refers to the edible seed pods of plant. Okra has long been favoured as a food for the health–conscious. It contains: .Potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Folic Acid,Continue reading “What’s Okra?”

Stewed Okra with Tomatoes and Coriander

This is how the Middle- Eastern would prepared their okra. Add wedges of lemon as a garnish so that their juice can be squeezed over the vegetables to taste. Okra, also known as lady’s fingers, are narrow lantern-shape pods. They contain a row of seeds that ooze a viscous liquid when cooked. This liquid actsContinue reading “Stewed Okra with Tomatoes and Coriander”