Spiced town Lentils

Ingredients 200g brown lentils, cook then drained 1 large red onion, finely chopped 2 fresh chillies, finely chopped seeds and all 1 tsp ground turmeric 1 tsp garam masala 165ml can coconut or soy single cream 2 tbsp freshly coriander leaves, to garnish Method Put the lentils into a large saucepan and add double theContinue reading “Spiced town Lentils”

Healthy Greek Freekeh Salad

Ingredients 1 cup cracked freekeh 2.5 cups of water 1/2 cucumber 1 red bell pepper (optional) 1/4 cup chopped red onion 1/4 cup chopped parsley 1/4 cup vegan feta crumbled cheese salt and pepper to taste Optional Extras Black olives fresh tomatoes Extra veggies Greek Dressing 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp redContinue reading “Healthy Greek Freekeh Salad”

Spiced sausages and basil tofu, with sweet onion, chilli and coriander

Flavored vegan sausages with basil tofu, which is my favourite and caramelized onions, pretty simple dish to prepare if you’re in the mood to spend a few hours in the kitchen. Can be served with rich creamy potatoes. Ingredients 2 red onions, diced 1 teaspoon medium -hot chilli power 1 teaspoon ground turmeric 1 redContinue reading “Spiced sausages and basil tofu, with sweet onion, chilli and coriander”

Health Benefits of Eating Lentils

Lentils are plentiful source of fibre, folic acid and potassium, theses nutrients all support heart health. According to the American heart association (AHA), increase fibre intake can reduce levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL), Cholesterol, or bad cholesterol. Not only does fibre have links to a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, but it might slowContinue reading “Health Benefits of Eating Lentils”

Mung Bean Curry

I have never tried mung bean before, only bought it a few days ago and couldn’t find it anywhere in the supermarkets, I got it from a health food store. Everyone loves this dish, even children, will love this dish it’s so warming and comforting but leaves you feeling light. Ingredients: ½ tsp coconut oilContinue reading “Mung Bean Curry”

Red Rice and Beetroot Risotto:

This might take a little more time than normal risotto but but oh my, doesn’t it taste delicious? The vibrancy of the red rice along with the juice from the beetroot makes this dish look so beautiful.. not to mention the cheese the last addition of the (soy cheese) delicious. Ingredients: 2 tbsp olive oilContinue reading “Red Rice and Beetroot Risotto:”

Black Rice & butternut squash Bowl

Ingredients: 1 small butternut squash, peeled, Deseeded and diced 1 red onion, diced 1 tbsp olive oil 125 g/4 ½ oz black rice 70 g/2 ½ oz kale, shredded 2 tbsp pine nuts 400 g/1/4 oz canned butternut beans, Drained and rinsed Vegan cottage cheese and pomegranate seeds, (optional) to Serve Dressing 4 tbsp tahiniContinue reading “Black Rice & butternut squash Bowl”