Ingredients: 100g (3 ½ oz ) vegan butter, softened 175g (6 oz) castor sugar Grated rind and juice of 4 lemons 4 tsp vegan eggs 125ml (4fl oz) vegan milk 50g (. 1 ½ oz) plain gluten free flour (optional) Method: Cream the butter and sugar together until white and fluffy, then beat in theContinue reading “AN EXCELLENT LEMON PUDDING”

Hot Blackberry and Apple Soufflé

The deliciously tart flavours of blackberry and apple compliment each other perfectly to make a light, mouthwatering and surprisingly low-fat, hot desert. Running a table knife around the inside edge of the soufflé dishes before baking helps the soufflés to rise evenly without sticking to the rim of the dish. Best to make in autumn,Continue reading “Hot Blackberry and Apple Soufflé”

Cheese and Tomato Soufflés

Using a ready-made sauce takes the effort out of soufflé making. The key to success when making soufflés is to whisk the eggs thoroughly to incorporate as much air as possible. During the cooking time don’t open the oven door-the cold draught could cause the delicate mixture to collapse. Ingredients: 350g/12 oz tub of freshContinue reading “Cheese and Tomato Soufflés”