Forever Supercharge green

Supercharge your active lifestyle with this ultimate blend of powerful greens.Ideal blend of over twenty fruits, vegetables and aloe.supports pH balance and natural energy levels and metabolism.high in antioxidant vitamins C and E.Vegetarian and vegan friendly .Gluten-free Next to the Supercharge Greens, is a bottle of pomsteen power luscious berry beverage .94% fruit juiceContinue reading “Forever Supercharge green”

My Life Journey Living with Allergies

Having multiple allergies for so many years, doesn’t get any easier, after living with it for the past 23 years you really expect it to get easier, and people would be a bit more understanding, supportive and compassionate’ oh no that’s not the case instead I have spoken to a few people in my situationContinue reading “My Life Journey Living with Allergies”