Cheesy Summer Vegetable Bake

Dinners like this are best in the summer, fast easy and you can conveniently grab most of these ingredients at the supermarket or from your back garden or allotment if you’re someone who love to plant your own vegetables. Of course you can make this recipe all year long, not just in the summertime. GoContinue reading “Cheesy Summer Vegetable Bake”


Ingredients: 1 tbsp toasted oil 150g/5 ½ oz 1 cup cashew nuts 2 tbsp Thai red curry paste 2 courgette/zucchini, cut in half And sliced 1 carrot, chopped 400g/14 oz button mushrooms, Sliced 2 ½ tbsp tomato purée/paste 400ml/14 fl oz/1 ½ cups canned Coconut milk 2 tsp curry powder 3 tbsp tamari soy sauceContinue reading “KHAO SOI-THAI CURRY NOODLES”

Moussaka With Cottage-Feta Cheese

Ingredients: 4 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil, plus extra for greasing 1 large aubergine/eggplant, thinly sliced 2 courgettes/zucchini, thinly sliced lengthways 2 potatoes, thinly sliced 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 900g 2/lb/4 cups canned Chopped/crushed tomatoes 200g/7oz/1 cup white cottage-feta cheese Crumbled 200g/7oz/1 cup canned brown lentils, rinsed and drained 500ml/7fl oz/2Continue reading “Moussaka With Cottage-Feta Cheese”